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The Team


Bedel & Hibbard are a young and passionate duo of American folk musicians who perform in the time-honored styles of America's past and present. Appalachian old time, early country, American roots, blues, balladry, and fiddle tunes can all be used to describe the kind of music they enjoy performing. 

They now call the Cincinnati, Ohio area their home and have been growing together musically since they first met in 2016. Along with their shared love for this music, they are grateful for each other's friendship and perform together as they are: two friends celebrating life in all its complexities and emotion.


Elijah Bedel

Fiddle, Banjo, Autoharp, Dulcimer, Guitar

Elijah hails from the hills of the Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve in Adams County, Ohio and has been making music since he was 10 years old. He is drawn to the deep personal connections that form the foundation of folk/people's music and strives to honor the history and lives of those that have inspired him musically and personally. It is the honesty and endurance found in this music and the people who make it that inspires him most.

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Sam Hibbard

Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica

Sam was born into an incredibly musical family from Ross, Ohio with roots in Appalachian Kentucky through his banjo-picking grandpa Charlie Hibbard. He proudly carries on this family tradition with an endearing persistence and what can only be described as "the Hibbard charm." The son of a union family, Sam stands with all working class folks whose music is a beautiful and necessary part of American’s tapestry of cultures.

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