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Won't Be Blue Always


Bedel & Hibbard's debut album!

Released Feb 18, 2023

A thoughtful collection of classic American folk, old time, early country, and more.


Track Listing:

1. Cherokee Shuffle/Martha Campbell (trad.)

2. Milwaukee Blues (trad., Charlie Poole)

3. Which Side Are You On? (Florence Reece, Pete Seeger)

4. Trouble in Mind (Richard M Jones, Roscoe Halcomb)

5. Jack Wilson (trad., John Salyer)

6. T.B. Blues (Jimmie Rodgers)

7. Rock House Joe (trad., the McGee Brothers)

8. Don’t Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There (Hazel Dickens)

9. Too Much (Jimmy Reed)

10. What Did You Learn in School Today? (Tom Paxton)

11. Country Blues (trad., Dock Boggs)

12. Yodeling Cowboy (Jimmie Rodgers)

13. Stoney Point (trad.)

14. Bill Morgan and His Gal (trad., Carter & Young)

15. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) (Woody Guthrie)

16. Jake Leg Rag (Narmour & Smith)

17. The Sailor and the Soldier/Grigsby’s Hornpipe (trad.)

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